Which Block Party plan is right for me?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to social media use. Depending on how you like to engage with unwanted mentions, whether it’s spam, harassment, or something else, you may want to consider different Block Party features and plans.

Which of these sounds most like you?

I never want to see any unwanted mentions — and I’m okay with missing some harmless mentions every once in a while.
It’s important to me that I hear from and engage with as many people as possible, except the most obvious trolls.
My block finger is very active. My mentions, my rules.
I prefer to have a completely calm Twitter experience most of the time, and set aside dedicated time to review potentially problematic mentions, when I’m mentally prepared.
I avoid my mentions completely and wish I never had to deal with any of them, but someone needs to check on them occasionally. Ideally not me.
I’m experiencing a pile-on or other crisis situation, and need a break as quickly as possible.

Not able to afford a Premium plan? Send us an email at community@blockpartyapp.com — no one should have to face online harassment alone.

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